Erica Whelan, a white woman in her 30s is smiling.

Erica is an NYC-based men’s groomer, barber & makeup Artist, whose editorial work has been featured in some of the most prominent magazines in the U.S. Lately, she has been working as a makeup artist for television. She loves being on set and creating looks for series that range from period pieces to out of this world sci-fi dramas.

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am a die-hard New Yorker who is always on the go! The best part of my career as a makeup artist and men’s groomer is that no two days are ever the same, which keeps my job exciting. The downside is I have an unpredictable work schedule. A regular sleep schedule eludes me. ;) On a rare day off, you can catch me at the beach or running in the park.

What kind of look do you usually love to rock?

I have deep-set eyes. I need my eyes to pop. Therefore, eyeliner and mascara are a must for me. I love to rock a smokey eye look when I am not working. A groomed brow, smudgy black liner, and mascara, and I am good to go!

I am usually make-up free when I am working on a tv show. I don’t have the energy to put makeup on when I have to be at work at 5 am. At that time of the morning, it is all about good skincare.

What’s your self-care routine?

When I am working, I have very little time for self-care, so I try to keep my skincare routine very simple. A cleansing balm to remove makeup. I wash my face with a glycolic foaming cleanser. Followed by an investment-worthy serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, and lip balm. Every six weeks, I color my hair and treat myself to a 30-minute facial. It’s super convenient that both places are located on the same block! My other self-care indulgence is I subscribe to a healthy food delivery service. That has been life-changing!

What was your reaction the first time you used LUMIFY redness reliever eye drops?

Surprised! Lumify eye drops reduced redness quickly (in just 1 minute) and helped my eyes look brighter without any irritation. I also have major seasonal allergies which leads to my eyes getting red. LUMIFY will be my BFF on those days!

What’s your favorite thing about using LUMIFY?

My clients are always happy when they see LUMIFY on my makeup station. In television, we have a term called “Last Looks,” which means a final touch-up before the cameras roll. LUMIFY is my go-to during “last looks” if their eyes are red and tired looking. They can simply do their job when the cameras are rolling.


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